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Brunswick Treviso

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Beautifully arched legs, a unique silhouette and stylishly rich espresso finish turn the Treviso into a classic-contemporary work of art. But this dramatically different table is no museum piece to be admired simply for its design. It also exhibits Brunswick's superior construction, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional playability.

Table size: 8 ft., 9 ft.

Finishes Available: Espresso

Leg Options: Standard (as shown)

Rail Sights: Diamond-Shaped Ebony on maple table

Diamond-Shaped Mother Of Pearl

Pocket: Drop Pocket


Exterior Style

Made from selected hardwoods

Assembled using high-torque bolted construction providing a strong and sturdy base

Utilizes superior dovetailed cross-supports


SIZE : 8 ft.

FINISH : Espresso

POCKETS : As Shown

LEGS : As Shown

SLATE : 1"

COLOR : Brunswick Green

CLOTH TYPE : Brunswick Woolen Cloth

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