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Brunswick Mackenzie

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A dramatic double pedestal lends a contemporary look to a traditional design. The slightly distressed finish, mother-of-pearl rail sights, and graceful sweeping lines of the aprons give this table an artistic style that is fashioned to last.

Table size: 8 ft., 9 ft.

Finishes Available: Deep Madeira

Leg Options: Unique, Standard

Rail Sights: Diamond-Shaped White Pearlized

Pocket: Enclosed


  • Brunswick Certified Premium Slate

  • High Performance™ Nut Plate Construction

  • Rubber SuperSpeed® Cushions

  • Mother-of-Pearl Rail Sights


SIZE : 8 ft.

FINISH : Deep Madeira

POCKETS : As Shown

LEGS : As Shown

SLATE : 1"

COLOR : Brunswick Green

CLOTH TYPE : Brunswick Woolen Cloth

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