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Brunswick Centurion

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The Centurion, a superb combination of streamlined styling and rigorous engineering standards, features attractive and sturdy pedestal-style legs, a leg stretcher, and foot levelers. This table is available in two sizes. Gully return available.

Table size: 8 ft.

9 ft.

Finishes Available: Matte Black

Leg Options: Standard (as shown)

Rail Sights: Round

Pocket: Gully Return or Drop Pockets available


Interior Style

Made from superior engineered wood material for commercial application

Assembled using high-torque bolted construction providing a strong and sturdy base


SIZE : 8 ft.

FINISH : Matte Black Laminate

POCKETS : Drop Pocket

LEGS : As Shown

SLATE : 1"

COLOR : Brunswick Green

CLOTH TYPE : Brunswick Woolen Cloth

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