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Nordic Encore LS

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Once you’ve settled into the corner captain’s chairs or our No-Float™ lounger, the Encore LS™ will envelope you in Affordable Luxury from neck to toes.

Powerful Nordic Star™ jets work their magic on your neck, back, hips and feet. Muscles you didn’t even know you had, begin to unknot and unwind letting you drift into complete relaxation.

You’ve never felt this good and you may not want to leave...ever! But don’t worry, your Encore LS™ will be ready and waiting for your next soak session.

Dual Therapy System™ (DTS™)

The combination of high volume whirlpool flow and targeted direct pressure jets giving you the ultimate in hot water therapy.

Nordic Star™ Stainless Steel Jets

A combination of 53 Nordic Star™ high flow stainless steel jets designed to optimize water flow and pressure to offer you fully customizable hot water massage.

Dual Pump System

Dual 2-speed pumps (1-3hp, 1-2hp) provide you with powerful water flow on both high and low speeds giving you the maximum benefit of our DTS™.

Standard Northern Lighting Package™

LED backlit Nordic Cascade™ waterfall, LED Sconce lighting, LED lit Nordic Star™ rotational jet(s), LED lit cup holders, and LED sidewall lighting to create a nighttime ambiance.

Nordic Wrap™ Option

Adds a 9.5 R-Value to the already substantial 7 R-Value /inch of our foam insulation to protect your hot tub from low ambient temperatures. Exceeds the Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations as mandated by California’s Energy Commission.

Nordic Clean™ or Nordic Pure™ Ozone Option

Ozonators help sanitize hot tub water by destroying bacteria, viruses and biodegradable materials to help keep the water pure, clear and with that "feel good" quality.


Seating: 6-person

Depth: 35 in (89 cm)

Length: 84 in (213 cm)

Width: 84 in (213 cm)

Weight: (Dry) 585 lbs (266 kg)

Operating Capacity: 330 gal (1249 L)

Total Jets: 53

5” Nordic Star™ Directional Whirlpool: 1

5” Nordic Star™ Dual Rotational: 2

3” Nordic Star™ Directional: 11

3” Nordic Star™ Dual Rotational: 7

2” Nordic Star™ Directional: 31

1” Ozone Jet (Ozonator Optional): 1

Waterfall Nordic Cascade™: 1

Volts: 220V

Amps: 50A

Control Pad: 6 Button Topside w/LED Display

Insulation: Foam (Standard) Nordic Wrap (Optional Upgrade)

Heater: 4kw on 220V

Lights: Northern Lights Package (Standard)

Pump: (1) 3hp) and (1) 2hp continuous duty

Bluetooth Stereo: (Optional Upgrade)

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