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The swim spa line was created to improve the quality of life for you and your family. Use it to swim, stretch, row, relax and enjoy. It’s your own personal gym and pool in one! Bahama Spas believes exercise and fun can combined into the same area. Four specialized swim spas that are built to last a lifetime and are a excellent way to get in shape! This line includes a Lucite® shell, and super water purification system which ensures clean water every time you workout or swim.

  The swim spa line includes a swim lane for guidance in the water. It will become your personal underwater gym. Add in the the resistance provided by water which is twice as effective while being much gentler on joints for that low impact regiment.

  Swim spas can be installed above or below ground and do not require the permits required for regular swimming pools. They are also more energy efficient and backed by an outstanding warranty.. So, whether it’s swimming against powerful jets, rowing, soaking or just relaxing, there is a Bahama swim spa for your size and budget. 


  • 2 Illuminated River Jets

  • 5" LED Footwell Light

  • K450 Digital Topside Control

  • 1 - 4.0kW Heater

  • 1 - 4.0bhp Viper 2 Speed Pump

  • 1 - 4.0bhp Viper 1 Speed Pump

  • 220 V / 60 AMP Electrical

  • 100 ft2 Filtration System

  • Stainless Steel Grab Bar

  • Foam Insulation

  • Plasma Ozone

  • (6) Illuminated Fountain jets

  • Maintenance Free Skirting

  • 2 Pillows

  • 4" Blue Tile Accent

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