Quad-Climber Playcenter Config 2 with Tarp 7 4'

Quad-Climber Playcenter Config 2 with Tarp 7 4'


Manufacturer: Tree Frogs

There's nothing else quite like our Tree Frogs Quad-Climber Playcenter. Your children will love climbing up, down, over and under as they test their strength and agility and invent limitless new games. With our many options and configurations to choose from your kids will love your Tree Frogs Quad-Climber.

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  • 30 Sq Ft Deck
  • DoubleWall Scoop Slide
  • Tarp Roof
  • Full Wood Step Ladder
  • Full Chain Ladder
  • Full Rung Ladder
  • Full Rockwall w/Ropes
  • Rope Ladder
  • Trapeze w/Rings
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Panel
  • Chalkboard Panel
  • Tire Swing
  • 4 Pos. Swing Beam
  • 3 Belt Swings
  • Rope w/Disk
  • 4 Safety Hanldes
  • 4 Ladder Handles
  • Ship’s Wheel
  • Telescope

Tree Frogs swing sets is unmatched in value, from the best double-wall scoop slides in the swing set market to top-quality hardware and lumber. Tree Frogs swing sets are constructed with California Redwood and Western Red Cedar which come from certified mills that have sustained-yield forest management. Redwood and Cedar are both naturally resistant to insects and decay. These two quality woods have similar cell structure which allows them to be dimensionally stable (meaning, these types of woods are unlikely to warp or twist) and they hold finishes/ stain and fasteners well. Tree Frogs wooden swing sets are packed with challenging features and fun play events which will give your children years of athletic confidence building; creative play; and imaginative play. Tree Frogs swings sets are built to last with a solid Lifetime Warranty to back them up.


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