Covana For Swim Spas CS1000

Covana For Swim Spas CS1000

Standard swim spa covers can be quite cumbersome to deal with

Manufacturer: Covana


  Standard swim spa covers can be quite cumbersome to deal with – the Covana CS1000 requires a simple key to open and close.
No lifting or storage necessary!
  The Covana CS1000 creates the perfect YEAR ROUND swimming and exercise environment – an absolute must for living in the Pacific Northwest!


Advantages Comparison Between a Covana “CS1000″ and a Traditional Gazebo with Cover(s)

Privacy Gazebo
The CS1000
With cover(s)

Locks to prevent intruders?

  • The CS1000 provides you peace of mind when you are away to ensure no one enters your swim spa.
  • The CS1000 can’t blow off in the wind leaving you open to liability issues and leave your yard unsafe for small children and animals.
  • The CS1000 allows your guests in your spa when you want them there – not when they want.


Ease of use and ease of entry?

  • With the simple turn of a key, you can enjoy your swim spa in even the worst weather.
  • Your spa is opened or closed by simply turning the key.


Custom seal for your spa?

  • With the CS1000 you save on chemicals and heating costs. CS1000 is a sealed unit thereby keeping chemicals, heat and water from escaping.


Stands up to heavy snow loads?

  • The CS1000 holds up to 600 lbs of snow in the down position. It can also operate with up to 200lbs on the cover.
  • Some covers have collapsed under the weight of snow.


Covana User Manual

Covana Installation Manual


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